A snow day

My earliest memories of snow was when I was about 4 years old and the snow was quite deep. My mum tied plastic bags over my red wellies to keep my feet dry but it didn’t work. We were going to the shops. My mum was pushing the pram with my brother inside. I was too big to be sat on top. My mum used to do all of our food shopping with the pram and both of us. It can’t have been easy in the snow.

A beautiful goodbye

Bereavement and loss can be a trigger for different types of illness, even when it is seemingly unrelated. Insomnia, anxiety and low mood are just three of the ways that we can be affected by grief. Shock and unexpressed sadness affect our body as well as our mind; it can show up in your skin, digestion or even your hormonal health and immunity.

Festival Reflections

Homeopathy is a completely natural medicine which is one reason why people are open to trying it at a festival like Glastonbury. We treated almost 300 people this year, and I saw more than 20 of those myself personally. Most of them had not had homeopathy before and quite a few took the time to drop by to let us know how much it helped, which was lovely.

Simple things to enjoy

I’m not going anywhere this weekend but I don’t mind. A long weekend at home can feel like a holiday too. Having three whole days off is such a treat. If I’m honest, looking after myself is not always as high on the list of priorities as it should be. Taking care of my home is something I enjoy but don’t always have enough time for. This weekend they are the main things on my agenda.