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5 lazy ways to detox

I’m not ready to come out of hibernation yet, but I know that summer will come around more quickly than I think.

My morning isn’t the same without a flat white, not to mention a glass of wine in the evening.

But as the days get lighter, it’s time to think about lightening up a little.

Here are my tips for a gentle detox as we head into spring.


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On reading

Yesterday evening at 8pm, I plugged my phone in to charge in the kitchen. Then I made myself a tea, sat on the sofa and read a book.

After a few minutes, I got up and found some paper and a pen. I wanted to read, but I kept thinking of things I needed to remember. Normally I would have actioned them, usually via my phone or maybe my laptop.

Instead, I wrote them down.

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10 ways to enjoy everyday life

Everyday life is often busy.

Work and screens can take up all your time.

Try these simple habits to help you find more quality time and contentment in your daily life.

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Your liver is amazing

Your liver is amazing. It supports your digestion, hormones, immunity and skin.

When it’s congested you feel sluggish and irritable.

When it’s healthy and clear, you feel bright and energised.

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  • Tracy treated my son’s hayfever and has made such a difference to his quality of life. It’s the first summer he’s not been miserable. I highly recommend her, an excellent, skilled, professional and kind practitioner.

  • Whatever ails you, a visit to Tracy will always be a help. Her very presence is healing! I’ve never left an appointment with Tracy without feeling better in some way.

  • I am much more resistant to coughs and colds which is a huge benefit as I used to catch them regularly.

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