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10 Ways to Enjoy Everyday Life

Everyday life is often busy. Work and screens can take up all your time…

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Your liver is amazing

Literally, hundreds of our body functions are carried out by the liver. One way…

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The intuition-gratitude circle

In our information-heavy world we need to build our intuition more than ever before…

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Summer self-care

Summer is finally here, with longer days, warmth and sunshine for us to enjoy…

Continue Reading… June 9 2019
  • Tracy treated my son’s hayfever and has made such a difference to his quality of life. It’s the first summer he’s not been miserable. I highly recommend her, an excellent, skilled, professional and kind practitioner.

  • Whatever ails you, a visit to Tracy will always be a help. Her very presence is healing! I’ve never left an appointment with Tracy without feeling better in some way.

  • I am much more resistant to coughs and colds which is a huge benefit as I used to catch them regularly.

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