1. Do you work with other conditions or only the ones you have listed on your page?

I have considerable experience with all types of period problems, hormonal acne, UTI, candida, BV, and other gynaecological issues, perimenopause, migraine, anxiety, fatigue, and persistent hay fever. Many of these issues will have been treated by medical drugs that have affected gut health, which I seek to support through gentle detox and selected supplements. I also offer support around fertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, and post-natal healing.


2. Do you work with anxiety and depression?

Homeopathy can be helpful for addressing health issues that appear to be related to stress, grief, trauma and shock. However, I am not a psychotherapist. If your anxiety or mental health issues are severely impacting your daily life, I would recommend talking therapy alongside homeopathy.


3. Do you work with people outside the UK?

I regret that for logistical reasons I am not currently able to work with people outside the UK.


4. Do you work with all gender identities?

I am open to and welcome enquiries from non-binary and trans women looking for support within the areas listed above. I am not able to offer treatment for issues related to male personal health.


5. Do you work with children?

Yes, provided I am also working with one of their parents or carers.


6. Do you work with teenagers?

I work with teenagers in complete confidence, provided I have the consent of the parent and also the teenager themselves.


7. Can I book and pay for an appointment on behalf of another person?

I only work with people who contact me directly, and who pay for their own appointment, with the exception of children and teens (see above).


8. Can you work with someone who needs an interpreter?

I regret I am not able to work through an interpreter. I recommend direct communication with a homeopath who speaks the same language.


9. How long does homeopathy take before it works?

This depends on several factors, including how long you’ve had the issue, and whether you’ve taken drugs to suppress the symptoms. I generally expect to see an improvement within the first month of treatment, and a steady improvement with regular sessions, every 5–6 weeks.


10. How much does treatment cost?

My fees are listed on my consultations page. Following your consultation, I will send a prescription for homeopathic medicines for you to obtain from either Helios or Ainsworth’s homeopathic pharmacy. Homeobotanical remedies are part of your treatment plan. These are custom-blended and posted with an additional fee.


11. Do you offer concessions?

I regret I am not able to offer new concessions as my list is full. I am able to offer a reduced rate for under 25s and  students in full-time education. Please state this on the enquiry form. If you are looking for low-cost treatment and you are not a student, I recommend CHE homeopathy college which has a student clinic.


“Meeting Tracy was honestly the most rewarding and insightful medical experience I have ever had. Tracy is a superb listener, and did a thorough investigation of my medical history. She has seriously improved my quality of life!”

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  • I cannot recommend Tracy enough. Within 3 months of meeting her, I have seen significant improvements in my health and overall wellbeing. She is naturally empathetic and has a very professional, attentive and thorough approach.

  • Working with Tracy has been a blessing for our family. She listens carefully, takes a lot of notes, follows-up on everything – helping me connect dots which I would not connect on my own. She has a calm way of engaging that feels in itself healing.

  • Tracy helped me with chronic, debilitating migraines when all else failed. She’s very open, kind and professional making you feel fully supported throughout the healing process. I feel very lucky to have found her.

  • I had no idea that it wasn’t ‘normal’ to take multiple painkillers during my monthly cycle and the effect this was having on my skin. Tracy helped to regulate my period, the pain and my general mood. I don’t experience such extreme mood swings around my time of the month anymore.

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