How I learned to treat hay fever effectively

My hayfever started one summer when I was seven years old.

I was at a school with a playing field and it was mowed every week.

Every day throughout the summer I was absolutely miserable.

I think I finally started taking anti-histamines age 17, and when I was 18 I had allergy injections as the anti-histamines made me so sleepy.

Those injections stopped my periods though, and that was quite alarming, so the following year I went back to anti-histamines.

Eventually I discovered homeopathy.

This was such a relief, as I’d found myself feeling heavy and tired while taking medication.

Research conducted by the US National Library of Medicine shows that hayfever can be ‘significantly alleviated’ with homeopathy. Hayfever and Homeopathy: a case series evaluation

When I started my training as a homeopath, I knew I wanted to be able to treat hayfever successfully in my practice.

We had lectures on hayfever and I read everything I could on the topic.

I also asked all my lecturers to tell me about their most strategies and tips.

My first hayfever study

Once I had gathered enough information about how to approach preventative treatment, I decided to try it out for the first time.

My husband suffered from hayfever in a similar way to me, so for a simple comparison, I prepared a sequence of remedies for him to take for four weeks through the winter, but didn’t prescribe them for myself.

That season, he sailed through virtually symptom-free.

I had my usual symptoms; sneezing, runny nose, itching.

I found relief from homeopathic remedies, but really wished I’d selected myself to try the preventative ones!

Year 2

The following year, I repeated the treatment for my husband, and also took it myself.

We both had a really good year and were practically hayfever free.

I knew it was the homeopathy.

Nothing I’d ever tried before had even come close.

Year 3

I invited every hayfever sufferer I knew to try a course of homeopathy during the winter.

Six or seven friends and work colleagues took part.

I was very happy when they found their allergy symptoms were minimal, compared to previous years.

Year 4

The following year (my final year at homeopathy college) I didn’t have to seek out any ‘guinea pigs’ – they came looking for me.

Everyone who’d had preventative hayfever treatment previously was keen to take it again.

Since that time, I’ve worked with many clients on treatment for hayfever using homeopathic remedies.

My hayfever strategy

I select remedies made from pollen and grass to build up resistance, along with individualised constitutional remedies to strengthen immunity, plus further remedies to address the allergic disposition.

I have found that homeopathy treatment is effective even when ‘anti-histamine’ resistance has built up. [Related post: Dear people who can’t stop sneezing]

Homeopathy for the individual

  • If your hayfever is predominantly itchy and your eyes get really sore – there’s a remedy for you.
  • If you have a really stuffy nose and your throat and ears itch – there’s a remedy for you.
  • If you sneeze and sneeze and sneeze so much that it’s really embarrassing – there’s a remedy for you.

I’m always happy when my clients tell me how quickly their hayfever symptoms improve after they start homeopathy treatment.

Treating hayfever at festivals

I joined the Travelling Homeopaths Collective while I was still a student, and have worked with them most years ever since. The THC is a charity that provides homeopathy at summer festivals.

For several years I’ve worked at Glastonbury as part of a team of homeopaths offering treatment for festival-goers.

In 2019 I remember prescribing a remedy called Gelsemium for a man who came in for treatment. He described feeling tired and sluggish, which is one of the features of this remedy.

A couple of days later, he came back to the tent looking for me. He told me that he was delighted with his remedy and said, “You saved my festival!”

Hayfever can be so draining and debilitating.

I’m delighted that homeopathy offers a natural and effective solution.

Tracy is currently treating my 10-year-old son who has suffered from hayfever and it has made such a huge difference recently to his symptoms and his quality of life. It’s the first May/June he has not been miserable.

Cured my hayfever which I have been suffering severely from since the age of 6. I have tried every remedy in the past, including the injections, and nothing has worked as well as this. I don’t know how she did it, but it happened. Magic.

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