Peri-menopause reframed

The peri-menopause can feel like a dirty secret. There you are, a grown woman with roles and responsibilities, and managing them pretty well, at least most of the time.
Then suddenly you start feeling tired, overwhelmed and snappy, and not only when it’s just before your period. When you are also getting hot and bothered about things, you realise it’s your hormones.
It shouldn’t be a surprise or even a massive problem in itself, except that when it doesn’t go away you start to wonder whether you’ll ever feel like yourself again.
Does this sound like you?
Homeopathy offers an effective, natural alternative to hormonal replacement therapy.
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A Snow Day

My earliest memories of snow was when I was about 4 years old and the snow was quite deep. My mum tied plastic bags over my red wellies to keep my feet dry but it didn’t work. We were going to the shops. My mum was pushing the pram with my brother inside. I was too big to be sat on top. My mum used to do all of our food shopping with the pram and both of us. It can’t have been easy in the snow.

How to relax | Simple Sundays

Keeping my Sunday simple makes me stop and feel thankful for what I have., and that makes me feel happier. When I’m happier, I’m more able to enjoy small moments with my family before we all start yelling or someone starts complaining (Yes, that happens in my family pretty much every day!)