Work-life balance

When we feel under pressure of work, or if we are involved in something inspiring, it can be hard to switch off.  When we keep working in ‘full on’ mode, our body is in a double-bind. On one hand, it’s doing something that is rewarding and enjoyable. On the other hand, it’s struggling to keep going without proper downtime for rest and recovery.

On Reading

Technology is a major cause of stress. Anxiety and insomnia are so widespread now, they are almost ‘normal’ and have a significant impact on immunity and hormonal health. In the ten years I’ve been in homeopathy practice, I’ve studied sleep, stress, and hormonal health as issues in these areas are on the rise. Knowledge is power and I always want to help my clients understand why they are not well. This helps to restore a sense of control and is a key part of my holistic approach to health and well-being.

My feelings about screens

Screens are one of the causes of stress which makes your body feel you’re in ‘fight or flight’ mode. When it’s happening all day every day, it’s really not great and tends to show up in our hormones, immunity and even our digestion and skin.