Simple things to enjoy

There’s something luxurious about the simple pleasure of a bank holiday weekend.

It’s always lovely to get away somewhere for a short break, but that’s not always possible or practical.

I’m not going anywhere this weekend but I don’t mind.

A long weekend at home can feel like a holiday too.

Having three whole days off is such a treat.

I’m trying not to do too much, but I know that if I don’t make a plan, the time could easily just slip away without me feeling I’ve made the most of it.

Just two things on my agenda

I want to spend some time on doing a few small things around the home that will freshen it up a little. I also want to do some things take care of myself or just because like doing them.

If I’m honest, looking after myself is not always as high on the list of priorities as it should be.

Taking care of my home is something I enjoy but don’t always have enough time for.

This weekend they are the main things on my agenda.

My list of simple things

I loved writing this list!

  1. Clear out my bathroom cupboards.

    I always enjoy a clear-out and I love how it feels afterwards.

  2. Treat myself to some beautiful flowers.

    Columbia Road Market is nearby, and I haven’t been for ages.

  3. Make a new music playlist.

    To listen to while I’m tidying.

  4. Try a new recipe.

    I’m going all out on salad at the moment, and I love experimenting with new flavours.

  5. Go to a ‘relax and restore’ yoga class.

    I love my local yoga studio and always leave feeling spacious and relaxed.

  6. Have an early night.

    More sleep so I can enjoy the early summer mornings.

  7. Write in my journal.

    I just started The Artist’s Way again and can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Almost everything on my list is simple and inexpensive or free. I try to notice and appreciate a few small things every day.

These last few months my gratitude habit has helped me so much with that.

Taking a moment to think through the things I’d like to do this weekend, I’ve thought about when I am going to do them and imagined myself doing them.

Knowing why I want to do the things I’m doing is important to me.

Re-reading my list it sounds as though I will spend my entire weekend by myself which is totally not the case.

My normal family life continues as usual.

Over to you

What would be on your list of simple things to do this weekend?

I hope you can take some time for the small things that you enjoy.


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