A simple bedtime ritual helps you unwind

All my days are pretty full-on. I’m sure yours are too. 

When I have slept well I feel ready for my day.

If I haven’t, I don’t.

As part of my new goal to make more time for myself, I’ve been inspired to re-work my evening routine.

A simple bed-time ritual is something I enjoy.

Quiet time is helpful preparation for sleep.

The key for positive habits is to have a sequence of things that make it a routine. [Related post: Create a calming self-care routine]

7 simple things I do before bed

1. Take a shower and use lotion with relaxing lavender.
2. Make a cup of herbal tea (Pukka Relax is my current favourite).
3. Power off my phone (our sleep is affected by screen time in the evening).
4. Light candles (this helps my circadian rhythms).
5. Curl up under my quilt.
6. Read for a while, or pick up my knitting or sewing.
7. Reflect on my day and write in my journal.

It just takes half an hour and it makes such a difference.

Routine or ritual?

A routine is simply a series of steps or actions that are useful and practical.

A ritual is something that feels more special.

  • The scent of essential oils.
  • The flickering light of a candle.
  • The infusion of herbs in a cup of tea.

It creates a chance to be more mindful, and encourages gratitude.

How could you make a simple bedtime ritual?

Creating a small space in the evening is something to look forward to before sleep.

What would you want to include?

Even one or two steps can help you relax and prepare for sleep.

If you make this a regular part of your routine, your body will start to associate it with sleep.

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