Your active and responsive immune system

Homeopathy can be useful for treating the symptoms of acute illness, such as a cold, sore throat or flu.

It can also help to strengthen immunity by building resilience to stress.

Understanding immunity

Acute illness is caused by a virus or bacteria that’s invaded or multiplied inside the body.

But why is it that one person becomes ill and another person doesn’t?

If germs and viruses are so contagious, then why aren’t we all ill all the time?

The human immune system is both complex and highly responsive. When it’s running smoothly, you would never even know it was there.

It’s normal to get sick sometimes. Most people catch a cold a couple of times a year, and this allows the body to cleanse itself and become stronger to fight off future infections.

A strong immune system is able to recognise and destroy viruses, bacteria, parasites, or fungi and remove them from the body.

So, if that’s its job, then surely the immune system would be activated whenever needed?

Not always.

How stress affects immunity

The thing is, the immune system requires a great deal of energy, and the body ultimately decides how energy is used.

The brain and cardio-vascular system both use a lot of energy, and these systems are always given priority, along with the energy needed for the immune system.

This is why at times of high stress, you may be prone to low immunity.

High stress can be caused by your role at work, if you have to be responsive to frequent demands and tight deadlines, for example.

There is also evidence that lack of sleep affects the immune response.

If you’ve needed to take antibiotics in the past, this could have affected your immunity by depleting your gut microbiome. Research has shown that probiotics can be helpful here.

Five ways to support your immunity

  1. Take care of hygiene with regular hand-washing
  2. Eat fresh food high in vitamin C and zinc
  3. Get plenty of rest and quality sleep
  4. Take Vitamin D3 to support your immunity
  5. Consider a probiotic if you feel your immunity is low

How homeopathy can help immunity

Homeopathy looks at each person individually.

An initial homeopathy consultation gives time to discuss current health concerns as well as a full medical history and family medical history.

These provide insight into possible causes of low immunity or chronic illness.

There may be an inherited weakness – something that ‘runs in the family’.

Or perhaps an issue that’s developed into a recurring pattern, sore throats, or UTI, for example.

For some people there could have been a trigger event, a sudden shock or grief that has left them vulnerable.

Long-term stress is often an underlying cause.

A family case study

I work with men and children, as well as with women. I recently spoke with a family who’ve been bringing their children to see me regularly for more than ten years.

It’s been lovely to get to know them over time and makes it easy for me to suggest remedies when they need them for acute illness.

I also appreciate the trust that has built up between us. My work isn’t just about homeopathy; it is also about relationships.

They first came for eczema treatment for their youngest. The skin was pretty bad and it took a while to fully clear, but once the eczema went away it never came back.

Since then, they had a second child and both have had treatment for coughs, colds, plus mild eczema in the second child.

The last time they came to see me we were talking about how both children are susceptible to eczema, which has cleared with homeopathy. Their on-going treatment has been focussed mainly on their general immunity.

Both parents commented on how they have seen their children grow strong and healthy without the need for steroid creams or antibiotics.

They are very happy to choose regular homeopathy treatment as they see their children are thriving.

‘Tracy was recommended to me by a friend and I have too recommended her to pretty much anyone and everyone since. She managed to relieve symptoms and find solutions to a recurring illness I have had for years and for that I am truly thankful. Both Tracy and her practice environment are welcoming and friendly and I felt up-lifted and full of positive energy every time I left one of her sessions.’

Is homeopathy
for you?

I can help you:

  • Balance your hormones
  • Have nice clear skin
  • Feel calm and energised
  • Get a good night’s sleep

Am I right for you?

I know how it feels to have a list of things you want to sort out so you can just get on with life.

It’s important for you to choose the right person to work with and I know that’s a big decision.

This is why I offer a free Discovery Call to anyone who’s thinking of working with me.

Contact Tracy

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I promise to be honest and open about what you can expect from working with me.

If I’m not sure I’m a good fit, I’ll say so.

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  • Meeting Tracy was honestly the most rewarding and insightful medical experience I have ever had. Tracy is a superb listener, and did a thorough investigation of my medical history. She has really improved my quality of life!

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  • I saw Tracy for perimenopause and urinary tract issues and I feel so much better. My energy levels have transformed, my hormones are way more stable and my UTI issues have gone completely.

  • Tracy helped me realise my body wasn’t being abnormal, but prioritising healing itself after a decade of contraceptives. I feel healthier, detoxed, and more connected to myself than ever in my life (and my skin looks fantastic).

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