Freedom from anxiety, insomnia and pain

Long term stress is a major cause of ill-health.

In simple terms, long-term stress stops your body from functioning normally.

Insomnia and period problems are two problems often caused by stress.

This is a case-study of one woman I’ve worked with, and how she was able to find freedom from painkillers, cannabis and anti-depressants.

The ‘shopping list’

Most people have what I call a ‘shopping list’ when they first come to see me.

The longer they’ve been affected by stress, the longer the list.

There is also the list of drugs they would rather not be taking.

These might be the everyday drugs that are used to self-medicate – alcohol, coffee and sugar.

Then there are the ‘real’ drugs.

Over-the-counter, prescription or even ‘party drugs’.

Insomnia, anxiety and pain

This woman was recommended to see me by a psychotherapist at my clinic.

At her first appointment, this was her ‘shopping list’.

  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • heavy painful periods

Cannabis, anti-depressants and painkillers

And this was her ‘drugs list’.

  • cannabis (to help her sleep)
  • anti-depressants (to help her cope with anxiety)
  • prescription painkillers (for her periods)

Six months later

These words are from the email I received from her six months later.

“The major change is how I’m feeling and dealing with everything. It is like chalk and cheese to how I’ve felt for the last few years, and something I definitely see your hand in. For the first time in so long I feel like a normal, functioning human being again. Not out of control or giddy, tiny (normal amounts!) of fear and anxiety, no self-sabotage etc. The list of the issues I’m not experiencing is endless really.

I know it is early days, and I have no desire to run before I can walk, but I am actually moving myself forwards, and feeling like this is an ok thing to do.”

When people commit to regular sessions with me, as this woman did, I knew she would do brilliantly, and she really did.

She was able to stop using cannabis within the first few sessions.

While cannabis is often used for stress relief, it can also contribute to anxiety. She didn’t really want to smoke weed, but it was what she did to help her insomnia.

Once her sleep improved, she was able to break the habit. These two things combined really helped her anxiety.

Her periods improved month on month. She was able to cut back on painkillers by using homeopathy to manage the pain until they were no longer a problem.

Getting back to normal

Looking back on this case I feel that most of the work we did together was re-balancing and normalising.

Homeopathy and homeobotanicals helped to balance her hormones and relax the nervous system.

She put in a lot of effort to work on her sleep habits alongside.

Together these gradually resolved her insomnia. [Related post: 5 things to do if you are bad at sleeping]

As her sleep and periods improved, and she stopped using cannabis and painkillers, she felt more calm and was ready for the next step.

She was able to talk to her therapist and her GP to make a plan for her to stop taking anti-depressants. This was something she was able to eventually do.

This is from the last email I received from her.

“I cannot thank you enough for your role in this. I know I wouldn’t be this close to recovering (another thing I can hand-on-heart say I’m finally doing now) without your kindness, support and magic remedies.”

If you’d like professional help with your own ‘shopping list’ please feel free to get in touch.

Is homeopathy
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Am I right for you?

I know how it feels to have a list of things you want to sort out so you can just get on with life.

It’s important for you to choose the right person to work with and I know that’s a big decision.

This is why I offer a free Discovery Call to anyone who’s thinking of working with me.

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  • Meeting Tracy was honestly the most rewarding and insightful medical experience I have ever had. Tracy is a superb listener, and did a thorough investigation of my medical history. She has really improved my quality of life!

  • One of the best professionals I’ve ever seen, who is willing to listen and investigate beyond what is obvious. I’d recommend her time and time again.

  • I saw Tracy for perimenopause and urinary tract issues and I feel so much better. My energy levels have transformed, my hormones are way more stable and my UTI issues have gone completely.

  • Tracy helped me realise my body wasn’t being abnormal, but prioritising healing itself after a decade of contraceptives. I feel healthier, detoxed, and more connected to myself than ever in my life (and my skin looks fantastic).

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