Simple things to enjoy on a long weekend

There’s something luxurious about the simple pleasure of a bank holiday weekend. Having three whole days …

Continue Reading… May 21 2020
The valuable skill of knowing when you need to take a break

Taking a break is a skill, and it’s one that we call need to learn. …

Continue Reading… May 8 2020
9 steps to simplify an overly busy life

Your time and attention is valuable. An overly busy life is stressful. These steps help …

Continue Reading… May 2 2020
How to create a calming self-care routine

Routines are good for us. We know this instinctively. They help us feel calm.

Continue Reading… March 27 2020
Simple Sundays can change your life

Keeping Sundays simple can change your life.  

Continue Reading… February 26 2020
10 ways to make the most of every day

10 simple habits to help you find more quality time and contentment every day.

Continue Reading… September 15 2019
Summer self-care to make the most of the longer days

Summer is a naturally busy time, and if you want to make the most of …

Continue Reading… June 9 2019
Why I love The Artist’s Way

Two things that could change your life are homeopathy and a book called The Artist’s …

Continue Reading… April 30 2019

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