5 ways to stay bright and cheerful this winter

Five ways to keep your spirits up in the dark days of winter.

Continue Reading… October 17 2021
Ikigai can help you have a happier winter

Plan a happier winter with activities that give your life more meaning.

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Plan a self-care afternoon just for you

When was the last time you set aside an afternoon just for yourself?

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Low-key summer weekends are the best

There’s something luxurious about the simple pleasure of a low-key summer weekend.

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If you have ‘pandemic burnout’ you are not alone

If you’re feeling low energy and not like your usual self, you are not alone.

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Blood tests can tell you a lot

Blood tests and symptom-tracking are two helpful ways to see progress in your well-being over …

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9 ways to make the most of every day

10 simple habits to help you find more quality time and contentment every day.

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5 ways to practice summer self-care

Make time for yourself this summer.

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