Summer self-care

Summer is finally here, with longer days, warmth and sunshine for us to enjoy. It’s …

Continue Reading… June 9 2019
Rest more, stress less

When did you last take a break in your daily life? Rest can seem a …

Continue Reading… April 3 2019
Creative self-care

I learned to knit from watching my Nan. She always had a project on the go. …

Continue Reading… February 16 2019
Autumn self-care

Autumn is a time when immunity and health can be vulnerable, so now is a …

Continue Reading… September 23 2018
The joy of decluttering

My approach to decluttering is to embrace the process and also to clean as I …

Continue Reading… August 2 2018
Work-life balance

When someone comes to see me for the first time, we look at all their …

Continue Reading… April 22 2018
3 ways I’m trying to slow down

It’s early Sunday morning, the day after my birthday and everyone else is asleep. Another year …

Continue Reading… May 21 2017
How to stop feeling tired

If you’re busy a lot of the time, but you can’t relax, you could be ‘tired …

Continue Reading… December 16 2016

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