Homeopathy for immunity

Homeopathy can work very quickly in an acute situation such as a cold, sore throat …

Continue Reading… August 14 2019
How antibiotics affect your gut

Antibiotics can be life-savers, but they also affect your gut health. This impacts not only digestion …

Continue Reading… March 20 2019
Healthy kids, happy parents

I’m not surprised that both my kids have a cough. It’s dark and cold.  Immunity …

Continue Reading… November 19 2017
Immunity and stress | is being busy making you sick?

Low immunity is when you’re frequently ill and you don’t bounce back easily. If that sounds …

Continue Reading… February 9 2017
Immunity, me and homeopathy

I struggled with immunity all my life until I found homeopathy. I guess I was …

Continue Reading… August 5 2016
Stay healthy this winter | my top flu remedies

As a homeopath, this is my approach to avoiding winter illness.My main strategy is to …

Continue Reading… October 16 2015
5 reasons to start your day with lemon water

A simple daily habit can make a big difference over time.I start my day with lemon …

Continue Reading… April 10 2015

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