Blood tests can tell you a lot

Blood tests are a useful guide to your internal health. Together with symptom-tracking, they help …

Continue Reading… November 8 2020
How homeopathy helped me overcome my struggle with poor immunity

I struggled with low immunity all my life until I found homeopathy.

Continue Reading… September 5 2020
The truth about post-viral fatigue

If you are struggling to bounce back after you’ve been ill, you are not alone.

Continue Reading… August 4 2020
Your active and responsive immune system

Homeopathy can help to strengthen resilience by addressing the underlying causes of low immunity.

Continue Reading… July 12 2020
The beauty of homeobotanicals

Organically grown, homeopathically prepared adaptogens, botanicals and herbs are a natural way to support your …

Continue Reading… April 28 2020
How antibiotics affect the well-being of your gut

Antibiotics can be life-savers, but they also affect your gut health. This impacts not only digestion …

Continue Reading… March 20 2020
Winter well-being and my top remedies for flu

Sleep and rest are even more important during winter than at any other time.

Continue Reading… October 16 2015

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