How antibiotics affect your gut

Antibiotics are drugs that alter your microbiome, affecting your digestion, immunity, hormones and skin.

Continue Reading… July 1 2022
The beauty of homeobotanicals

Custom-blended homeobotanicals are naturally balancing and detoxifying.

Continue Reading… April 28 2022
How homeopathy restored my immunity

I struggled with low immunity all my life until I found homeopathy.

Continue Reading… October 30 2021
Winter well-being and top remedies for flu

Sleep, Vitamin D, and saying ‘no’ can help your health this winter.

Continue Reading… December 16 2020
Your active and responsive immune system

How stress affects your immunity and what you can do to help.

Continue Reading… December 12 2020
Why I recommend a home homeopathy kit

Why I recommend a homeopathy remedy kit for everyone, especially families.

Continue Reading… December 1 2020
Blood tests can tell you a lot

Blood tests and symptom-tracking are two helpful ways to see progress in your well-being over …

Continue Reading… October 7 2020
The truth about post-viral fatigue

Everyone’s different and it’s important to look for underlying causes of post-viral fatigue.

Continue Reading… August 4 2020

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