5 things to do if you are bad at sleeping

If you’d like to be better at sleeping, there’s no way around it, you need to look at your habits.

Most of us can manage on not enough sleep in the short-term, but eventually it catches up with us.

If you’re interested in the topic of sleep I would recommend the book ‘Sleep’ by Nick Littlehales.

Littlehales is an elite sleep coach, and the book is a quick read.

Here’s a summary of his advice.

5 tips on sleeping from an expert

1. Get to sleep before midnight

If you need to be awake by 7 or 7.30am, then you really need to get to bed before midnight. Seven or seven and a half hours sleep works for most people. If you rely on an alarm, it’s probably because you are trying to wake up during deep sleep. Getting to bed earlier could help you to wake up naturally.

2. Have a regular bedtime

If your sleep patterns are all over the place, your body clock gets out of sync very quickly. Find a bedtime that you can work with and stick to it (at least on school nights).

3. Have a shower before bed

Showering before bed allows the body temperature to drop before going to bed, which helps trigger sleep.

Feeling clean and warm is a nice way to end the day. We’re exposed to many types of dirt and pollution at work, on transport, in the street, and in our homes. Washing it all away leaves us refreshed and ready for bed.

I like to use lavender body wash for my night-time shower. Essential oils such as lavender, ylang ylang and patchouli don’t just  smell nice, they actually help us wind down and prepare for sleep.

4. Stop using gadgets in the bedroom

TV and other gadgets in the bedroom emit too much blue light so your body still thinks it’s daytime. Try to replace them with more relaxing habits. Bedtime reading with a dim bedside light helps us get ready for sleep.

5. Have a sleep routine

A cup of herbal or decaf tea is another good way to unwind. A herbal supplement or homeopathic remedy can settle your nervous system and promote deeper sleep.

Keeping a quiet and dark bedroom that is slightly cool is a great way to help ensure a better night’s sleep. Try wearing a sleep mask to block out all the light.

Homeopathy for better sleeping

You know that decent sleep makes a huge difference to how you feel.  Maybe you’re wondering how homeopathy can help.

If you haven’t tried homeopathy before, perhaps the best way I can describe it is that it’s similar to having personal training.

If you want to get fit you have lots of options open to you. You can go it alone, go to group classes or hire a trainer. We can all do a lot on our own, or in a group with other people, but if we really want to make a difference quickly you hire a trainer.

A personal course of homeopathy treatment can help you understand the causes of your sleep problems, be accountable for your sleep habits, and ultimately get you to be better at sleep.

If you’d like professional help with your sleep, feel free to get in touch.

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