A holistic approach to IBS

IBS symptoms can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Studies suggest that IBS affects 5-10% of the population but my experience suggests that this figure could be higher as digestive issues are very common in my practice.

I often see them in cases with acne, eczema, hay fever, candida, migraine, anaemia, fatigue, and other problems too.

Most people with IBS have already had diagnostic tests to rule out more serious conditions.

Symptoms of IBS

The main symptoms include:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Gas
  • Belching
  • Bloating
  • Cramps

Causes of IBS

Research shows that genetics, environment and lifestyle can all contribute to IBS.

Some cases are caused by infections such as food poisoning.

Stress is another known cause, as the gut and the brain are closely connected.

This is why heartburn, gas, constipation and diarrhoea can be linked to anxiety and depression.

Food sensitivities and ‘leaky’ gut

Digestive issues are often made worse by eating certain foods, with wheat, dairy and sugar at the top of the list.

Gas, bloating and cramping occurs when food isn’t digested properly.

Another concern is inflammation related to a ‘leaky’ gut.

This is when bacteria and undigested food ‘leak’ into the tissues of the body.

Drug treatments for IBS

Drugs may be prescribed in certain cases, including:

  • Antibiotics for bacterial infection
  • Antacids for heartburn

These are often effective in the short-term, but may need to be repeated as symptoms return.

Dietary changes for IBS

Dietary changes are often recommended, with a focus on avoiding foods from the FODMAP group.

Fructans – rye, wheat, onion, garlic, artichoke, Brussels sprouts, asparagus and beet

Galactooligosaccharides – lentils, chickpeas and beans

Polyols – sorbitol, xylitol and maltitol

Fructose – honey, agave, fruit, fruit juice and corn syrup

Lactose – milk, cheese, yoghurt and ice cream

Unfortunately, symptoms can remain even after trigger foods are removed from the diet.

This suggests that food is not the only cause.

Stress and toxicity

I often see digestive issues in clinic when I see people with acne, eczema, allergy, candida, migraine, endometriosis and other problems too.

I start by taking a full medical history which often uncovers a trauma that happened before the symptoms began.

The history of antibiotics, lansoprazole and ibuprofen is also important as they can contribute to digestive issues. [Related post: How antibiotics affect your gut]

There are different ways that homeopathy can help, depending on the underlying causes.

Liver support and a gentle detox programme are often part of my treatment plan.

Homeopathic remedies to support digestion

Lycopodium – gas, bloating and appetite problems

Colocynthus – used for cramping pains that are better for doubling up

Nux Vomica – acid indigestion and nausea, especially after antacids

Arsen Alb – digestive issues with diarrhoea

Argentum Nitricum – flatulence and/or belching, worse for sugar and linked to nervous anxiety

Carbo Veg – heartburn with nausea and belching, with general fatigue

China Officinalis – slow digestion with acidity, bloating and belching

I also use Homeobotanicals – organic and wild-crafted herbs that are gently balancing. [Related post: The beauty of homeobotanicals]

Clinical trials on homeopathy and IBS

Studies show that homeopathy can offer a successful approach to IBS.

Clinical trials on IBS treatment with homeopathy

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