9 ways to make the most of every day

Everyday life is busy.

Work and daily tasks take up so much time it can feel there’s little space for anything else.

Many of the other things we do are simply things that need to be done.

It’s hard to slow down, even when you want to.

Even in a busy day, there are a few small things that don’t take up loads more time but can still have a positive effect.

Small things that can make you feel good during the day

Simple routines to create quality time and moments of contentment that make a big difference.

  1. Make your bed
    By making the bed in the morning, you start the day with a small achievement.
  2. Pen to paper
    A small daily to-do list of 2-3 things is satisfying to tick off.
  3. Notice green space
    Consciously look for plants and trees, and take a moment to notice them.
  4. One thing at a time
    Multitasking is normal, but it’s also worth trying to focus on one thing.
  5. Look into the distance
    Look into the distance and look around to give your eyes (and brain) a rest as often as you can.
  6. Make the most of being in flow
    When you get completely involved in doing something you enjoy, you are in a state of flow. Notice when it happens.
  7. Phone a friend
    Phone calls can seem quite old-school but help us stay connected, especially with family and friends who are not nearby.
  8. Wind down in the evening
    Figure out what helps you relax in the evening and do it more often. Music, candles, and a bath or shower can be nice ways to wind down.
  9. Get regular sleep
    Going to bed and waking up at a regular time is the best way to get quality sleep. Related post: The Gift of Circadian Rhythms

Most of these things might sound quite obvious, and hopefully, you are doing quite a few of them already.

Tick off the ones you already have in place, and then pick one that appeals to you and try to make time for it.

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